“…in awe of what you’ve done with JS.”

Brendan Eich, JavaScript’s creator.


TIBET addresses the 3 biggest risks facing your web projects…


Hiring skilled coders is the biggest risk to most project timelines and budgets.

TIBET lets you author in markup, using drag & drop tools, lowering project risk, cost, and complexity


À la carte stacks chosen from the latest shiny npm modules are unstable.

TIBET provides the web's most comprehensive stack coupled with the web's most innovative tool chain.


If you can't buy support it's not backed by, it's authored by... then abandoned by.

TIBET is fully-supported by the vendor that built it. No incident limits, no off-hours, no gimmicks; support.

The Future Is Written In Markup...

The web was built with markup, your apps should be too.

Think about your current framework...

If you're using React, Angular, Vue, etc. your applications are written with at least 80% code and less than 20% markup. That 4-to-1 ratio directly influences your development speed, your ability to hire, to share components, to maintain your applications over time.

The problem? Most frameworks don't put you on a path toward eliminating coding over time. The "component consumption model" for these frameworks, how you access and use widgets, always requires writing more code.

Think about the web...

The web isn't 6 billion pages of markup embedded in JavaScript. The web grew to 6 billion pages by putting markup first, markup augmented by JavaScript, not embedded in it.

Authoring primarily in markup is the only approach that scales over time. Your coding effort today should pay you back by allowing you to write less code in the future. If your framework locks you into coding perhaps you need a new framework.

Think about switching to TIBET...

TIBET is the only platform where the code you write today directly correlates with writing pure markup tomorrow; the only platform where a small number of component developers can support a much larger team of markup developers. We call it the authoring pyramid.

TIBET lets you consume components entirely from markup...zero code required. TIBET tags are not limited to UI display, you can invoke remote services, access local client data, bind data, trigger events. In short, you can do virtually everything from markup.

Still coding JavaScript and expecting different results?

TIBET is the only platform:

80/20... meet 20/80... The future is written in markup.