tibet-make(1) -- runs a TIBET makefile.js target


tibet make <target> [--list]


Runs a target function in a TIBET makefile.js file via a JS Promise.

This command supports lightweight commands in the form of functions, much like Grunt or Gulp. There's no dependency checking or true 'make'-like functionality but makefile.js code does leverage JavaScript Promises to coordinate tasks and their interactions, particularly when calling tasks within tasks and when dealing with asynchronous tasks.

TIBET provides a default makefile.js which supports basic operations such as clean, build, and rollup that are common in TIBET applications. By providing these commands as make targets it is easy for you to modify them to meet your specific project requirements.


  • --list : Used to list the available makefile.js targets you can run.

  • --timeout <ms> : Gives you a way to provide a millisecond timeout value in which each task must complete successfully. The default is 15 seconds (15000).


List available makefile.js targets

$ tibet make --list

Available targets:

    build checkup clean deploy resources rollup

Run a make target explicitly

$ tibet make clean

Task complete: 7ms.

Run a make target implicitly

$ tibet clean

Delegating to 'tibet make clean'
Task complete: 4ms.