tibet-config(1) -- manages and displays TIBET configuration data


tibet config [property[=value]] [--env <env>]


The config command can output one or more configuration values to the console based on current configuration data for your application or update a particular value to a string, number or boolean value.

You can view the entire configuration list by leaving off any specific value. You can view all values for a particular prefix by listing just the prefix. You can view a specific value by naming that value directly.

You can dump virtual paths by quoting them as in: '~app' or '~lib' as needed by whichever native shell you may be using.

For set operations you can specify an optional environment value. In the current implementation this applies only to TDS settings (tds.\* values).

NOTE that if you use this command to set values it will rewrite tibet.json by using the beautify npm module to process the stringified JSON content. As a result your file may not retain its appearance after updates.

Configuration data can also be updated by adding an = and value to a properly defined property name.


  • property[=value]] : Supplies a property name and optional value to set for that property.

  • --env : Provides a way to specifically target a particular environment such as development within a configuration file. Note that this option only applies to values prefixed with tds. since environment-specific configuration via JSON is only done for server configuration values.


List a single value:

$ tibet config boot.level


Set a value (foo.bar to true here):

$ tibet config foo.bar=true


List all configuration values:

$ tibet config

    "~": "/Users/ss/temporary/todomvc",
    "~app": "~/public",

List all path ~* values:

$ tibet config path

    "~": "/Users/ss/temporary/todomvc",
    "~app": "~/public",
    "~lib": "/Users/ss/temporary/todomvc/node_modules/tibet",
    "path.app": "~app_root",
    "path.app_bin": "~app/bin",
    "path.app_boot": "~app_inf/boot",
    "path.app_build": "~app/build",

List all boot.* values:

$ tibet config boot

    "boot.console_log": false,
    "boot.context": "nodejs",
    "boot.defer": true,
    "boot.delta_threshold": 50,
    "boot.error_max": 20,
    "boot.fatalistic": false,


  • tibet-context(1)